This is a blog about my life in L.A. – the people, places and things that I am inspired to write about. I have always been a writer at heart in that I enjoy expressing myself with words but I’ve often struggled with what to write. What am I here to say? What story do I want to tell? I recently came across something Georgia O’Keeffe said that has helped me decide. She said that when she moved out to the New Mexico desert she painted flowers and cow skulls because that’s what was there to paint. It’s not that she set out to paint flowers and cow skulls, but they were free and they were there. She chose to look at what was right in front of her and in her own way, made them shine. I suppose that is my intention here; to simply tell you the story of what I see in my everyday life and hopefully, the way in which it shines.


4 thoughts on “About”

  1. Greetings! I stumbled across your blog and really liked it. You could almost be my (American) counterpart. Where your handle is “notes from a tiny studio apartment in the city of angels”, mine is “notes from a studio in the city of light”.

    I’ve been living in Paris since the 1990s (I’m originally from Toronto) and I walk around Paris and take photos like you do the same in Los Angeles. Love your pics, by the way.

    But it seems like you’ve stopped blogging! Your last post is dated 2014. I wonder if you will read this message….

    Anyway, it’s a pleasure to meet you.


    • Juliet!! Thank you so much for the lovely comments! A pleasure to meet you as well. Yes, sadly I gave up writing here to focus on painting about a year ago. My painting is at lisaseverino.com. Reading your blog makes me miss it though!

      I’m so happy to find your blog though and will happily follow along with you on your adventures. I too LOVE travel and exploring the world. It’s been too long since I’ve been able to get abroad. Have you read the Spitalfields Life blog? I think it’s marvelous and I modeled The Vinton after it. The writer has written a story a day for 5 years (or more!) about life in East London. it’s really a joy to read about the people and life there.

      Best wishes, Juliet! and thanks again. 🙂

  2. Linda Michael said:

    I just re-read your story about The Extraordinary Life of Gil Haimson. Now that he is gone, your writing takes on greater significance, documenting a life that truly was extraordinary. Thank you for writing such a beautiful story about Gil’s life and “the way it which it shines.” He was a second cousin of mine and, though I had known him all my life, I felt that I knew him better after reading your story.

    • Hi Linda, I didn’t know that Gil had passed away. I’m so sorry for you and your family’s loss. He was indeed a special soul and I’m very sad to hear this news. Thank you for your lovely comments on my post and I’m very grateful this piece captures some of Gil’s amazing life. I knew right when I met him that he was one of a kind. Thank you, Linda. All the best to you.

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